Lyttelton Kayaks.

  • Hirers and manufacturers of superior open ocean sea kayaks
  • Promoting the waters of Lyttelton Harbour to the people of Christchurch.

Classes & Tours

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Lyttelton Kayaks has ceased all classes and tours as a result of the recent 'Kate Wilkinson' onerus legislation.

Stupid, stupid, stupid legislation.

I will continue to teach kayak safety.   I can refer you to Kayaking Instructors.

I still have the bus, driver, kayak trailers and associated gear so if anyone wishes to organise a trip Lyttelton Kayaks will happily hire the resources and provide Safety Officers / Drivers / Cooks.

How does a weekend out of town sound?

Nelson Lakes, Port Underwood,  Kaikoura, Lake Benmore,  Cook Strait, Birdlings Flat,  Lake Stream?

Please contact me if interested.