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Owen Conservation Project

We have known Karyn Owen for many years.
She has always talked passionately of buying an ecologically sensitive parcel of land and protecting and restoring its values. Part of this plan is to build a eco-tourist lodge ( of the appropriate scale ), and use the cash flow from this activity to further protect and enhance this land.

In November 2009 Karyn bought her land at Lake George. (link to the report .pdf ) She has an enormous task ahead of her.

Steve and I hold Karyn in the highest regard. She is young. She is steadfast. She is a great person. An impressive woman.
We help where we can, and we ask others to assist by contacting Karyn. (link to email ).

Near Colac Bay, Southland, New Zealand
30 acres, private land, backing onto wildlife reserve (Lake George)
Contact: Karyn Owen,, 021 932 340

Looking out over Colac Bay...

(not the view from land, which is down on the flat in the distance).

The well known surf spot Colac Bay...

Colac Bay also has a local pub with campground (Dustyz)with Sky Sport,
and a wonderful restaurant, the Pavilion overlooking the beach.

View on the drive to section...
(mountains covered in snow except in summer)

In addition to weed control for Broom and Chillean Flame Creeper (spray free control), we are undertaking regular possum control with fur fetching a good price for the hunters, and pest trapping. The pest trapping sounds mean, but when you come to NZ you will understand why – most of our native plants and animals evolved without these predators, and cannot survive without the pests being controlled. The methods used are among the worlds best practice to avoid stress on the animals (rats, stoats, weasels, possums).

Other projects in progress:

  • Path creation around the 30 acre section to establish possum trapping programme
  • Wood fired outdoor bath
  • Mosaic pizza making table
  • Pine tree thinning, and pruning (7.5 acres)
  • Contours surveying for building site
  • Site clearing for building
  • Designing building (rammed earth with strawbales likely construction style)
  • Looking at composting toilet options

The crib has two bedrooms, but is used for storage. With only a bucket hoisted up in the trees for showering, and a long drop toilet (which has been rated 4/5 stars by experienced users), not ideal for long stays. Hot showers are available down the road at the campground. Roof rainwater supplies water to the building, suitable for drinking.

Download our High Value Area Assessment PDF.